Mastrad’s knives guarantee a sharper-than-steel edge on our zirconium ceramic blades for unrivalled cutting quality. The patented, award winning design also offers a pivoting handle to safely store and transport the knife while protecting you and the blade. Though zirconium ceramic is safer (i.e. blade does not rust or oxidize, or pass metallic odors or tastes) and is sharper than steel (i.e. ceramic blades require 90% less sharpening than steel knives), the nature of the ceramic property is more fragile which can result in an occasional chip of the blade or dulling.

Click on the form link below. Then print and complete the form, include payment ($10 per shipment – there is no limit on number of Mastrad knives to have serviced); securely and safely wrap and package your knife, insure your package, and send to:

Attn: Knife Sharpening Dept
Mastrad Inc
7461 Beverly Blvd – Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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